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Faculty and staff recognized for achievements in the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

Celebrating the Faculty and Staff in the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences Several faculty and staff in the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences have received prestigious awards and recognition. Today, and every day, we celebrate the excellence of our faculty and staff.

Wright Selected March’s Civil Service Employee of the Month

Geniece Wright is known throughout campus and South Dakota State University’s College of Education and Human Sciences for her dedication, positive attitude and enthusiasm. It is with these characteristics in mind that Wright has been named the March Civil Service Employee of the Month. Wright has been the primary support staff for that college’s dean’s office since November 2013.

Bogenrief awarded NBCC Foundation military scholarship

South Dakota State University graduate student Jordan Bogenrief ’18 has been awarded an $8,000 NBCC Foundation military scholarship. The NBCC Foundation, an affiliate of the National Board for Certified Counselors Inc., awards the military scholarship to service members, veterans and their spouses who are pursuing a counseling education and commit to serving fellow military personnel, veterans an

SDSU Encourages Virtual Attendance at 98th Little International March 26-27

South Dakota State University invites members of the public to watch the 98th Little International via livestream on the group’s social media sites as exhibitors carry on a modified version of the traditional event at the Animal Science Arena in Brookings March 26-27. As the largest two-day, student-run agricultural exposition in the nation, Little “I” has proven to be one of the longest-standin ranks SDSU No. 11 in geography ranked South Dakota State University No. 11 in its listing of the 30 Best Bachelor’s in Geography. It stated students could pursue this degree as a stand-alone major or partner it with geographic information sciences.

Sweet potatoes increase vitamin A, fiber in bread

Incorporating sweet potato puree into bread not only adds vitamin A, but also changes the starch composition by increasing the fiber content. Altering the starch composition means a greater portion of the carbohydrates will take longer to digest, so consuming a serving of bread is less likely to cause an increase in blood sugar—that can be beneficial for diabetics, according to assistant professo

Capstone class provides insights for University Bookstore

The first-ever capstone class in fashion studies and retail merchandising at South Dakota State University has already helped the University Bookstore gain more media interaction and customer engagement. Nine students were tasked with developing a merchandising plan for fall 2021 for the bookstore and, despite the pandemic barring them from in-person client meetings, got the opportunity for first

North Central Region tackles harmful algal blooms

Faculty researchers from the South Dakota Water Resources Institute and SDSU Extension are part of the North Central Region Water Network project that seeks to educate the public and promote research about harmful algal blooms.

Nonprofit joins battle to mitigate Lake Mitchell algal blooms

Newly organized nonprofit, Friends of Firesteel Creek, has joined the City of Mitchell and other organizations who are working to decrease the algal blooms in Lake Mitchell.

Algae pull nutrients from swine facility manure, air

Swine manure is a rich source of nutrients, but its high phosphorus content in comparison to the other nutrients the crop needs means only so much can be spread on a field. Professor Gary Anderson of SDSU’s Department of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering is investigating the use of algae to reduce phosphorus in the liquid waste streams from swine units and make field application easier.