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Mission, Vision and Values

Outdoor sign for the Oscar Larson PAC


The Oscar Larson Performing Arts Center’s mission is to engage its community through artistic, educational and cultural experiences that enrich lives, promote lifelong learning in and through the performing arts, and serve as a gateway between South Dakota State University and the greater community.


The Oscar Larson Performing Arts Center is committed to providing world-class experiences through concerts, theatrical productions, dance performances, lectures, recordings and special events for the SDSU campus, community and region while supporting the development of programs and groups dedicated to educating, entertaining and serving performing arts patrons.


  • The celebration of the arts.
  • The pursuit of greatness as individuals and in our work.
  • World-renowned performers to those just beginning their creative exploration.
  • Providing everyone the opportunity to experience the creative energy, anticipation, excitement and joy of live performance.