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Diischer serves as the online course coordinator to all online instructors within the math department to maintain consistency with course materials and prepares the teaching assistants to ensure they understand their important role in the online course.

In her online courses, Diischer focuses on how to help students learn and has embraced technology and new ideas in order to achieve that goal.  Knowing that most students in her classes are not math majors, she incorporates real life problems to help students think about math in the context of their respective fields.

“She was an amazing teacher. I was a bit nervous about taking math online as I had never done it before. However, Mrs. Diischer was very helpful with any problems I had. These problems varied from actual math problems to technical problems to questions about the course. I really liked the content involved in this class, having some assignments on paper was really nice. Overall, this class taught me a lot and I would highly recommend it to anyone considering taking an online math class.”